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This issue marks the completion of the first year of the Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS). POMACS was among the first three journals joining the recently launched Proceedings of the ACM (PACM) series, and with this issue POMACS has now published over 80 papers. The goal of the PACM series is to... (more)

An Optimal Algorithm for Online Non-Convex Learning

In many online learning paradigms, convexity plays a central role in the derivation and analysis of online learning algorithms. The results, however,... (more)

Neural Network Meets DCN: Traffic-driven Topology Adaptation with Deep Learning

The emerging optical/wireless topology reconfiguration technologies have shown great potential in improving the performance of data center networks. However, it also poses a big challenge on how to find the best topology configurations to support the dynamic traffic demands. In this work, we present xWeaver, a traffic-driven deep learning solution... (more)

On the Power-of-d-choices with Least Loaded Server Selection

Motivated by distributed schedulers that combine the power-of-d-choices with late binding and systems that use replication with cancellation-on-start,... (more)

Intel MPX Explained: A Cross-layer Analysis of the Intel MPX System Stack

Memory-safety violations are the primary cause of security and reliability issues in software systems written in unsafe languages. Given the limited adoption of decades-long research in software-based memory safety approaches, as an alternative, Intel released Memory Protection Extensions (MPX)---a hardware-assisted technique to achieve memory... (more)

Dandelion++: Lightweight Cryptocurrency Networking with Formal Anonymity Guarantees

Recent work has demonstrated significant anonymity vulnerabilities in Bitcoin's networking stack. In particular, the current mechanism for broadcasting Bitcoin transactions allows third-party observers to link transactions to the IP addresses that originated them. This lays the groundwork for... (more)

The Price of Fragmentation in Mobility-on-Demand Services

Mobility-on-Demand platforms are a fast growing component of the urban transit ecosystem. Though a growing literature addresses the question of how to... (more)

The Cost of Uncertainty in Curing Epidemics

Motivated by the study of controlling (curing) epidemics, we consider the spread of an SI process on a known graph, where we have a limited budget to use to transition infected nodes back to the susceptible state (i.e., to cure nodes). Recent work has demonstrated that under perfect and instantaneous information (which nodes are/are not infected),... (more)

Practical Bounds on Optimal Caching with Variable Object Sizes

Many recent caching systems aim to improve miss ratios, but there is no good sense among practitioners of how much further miss ratios can be... (more)

LTERadar: Towards LTE-Aware Wi-Fi Access Points

Major cellular hardware vendors (e.g. Qualcomm, Ericsson), mobile service providers (e.g. Verizon, T-Mobile) and standardization bodies (LTE-U forum, 3GPP) are seeking to extend LTE networks into unlicensed bands to boost LTE speeds and coverage. However, the advent of LTE unlicensed technologies has raised serious concerns on Wi-Fi networks that... (more)

Delay Scaling in Many-Sources Wireless Networks without Queue State Information

We examine a canonical scenario where several wireless data sources generate sporadic delay-sensitive messages that need to be transmitted to a common... (more)

A Quantitative Evaluation of Contemporary GPU Simulation Methodology

Contemporary Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are used to accelerate highly parallel compute workloads. For the last decade, researchers in academia... (more)


About PACM

The Proceedings of the ACM on the Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS) publishes original research of the highest quality dealing with  performance  of computing systems, broadly construed. We recognize that critical insights into key design trade-offs in computer or network systems have historically be obtained using a broad set of tools: benchmarking and experimental evaluation, mathematical modeling, algorithmic analysis, which often need to be combined creatively. This publication hence broadly welcomes works that further the state-of-the-art in determining or predicting the performance of computing systems and their applications. This includes efforts that creatively apply previously developed methods in systems, measurement and theory, and especially those combining results from multiple technical areas.

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