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Improving 3D NAND Flash Memory Lifetime by Tolerating Early Retention Loss and Process Variation

Compared to planar (i.e., two-dimensional) NAND flash memory, 3D NAND flash memory uses a new flash... (more)

What Your DRAM Power Models Are Not Telling You: Lessons from a Detailed Experimental Study

Main memory (DRAM) consumes as much as half of the total system power in a computer today, due to the increasing demand for memory capacity and bandwidth. There is a growing need to understand and analyze DRAM power consumption, which can be used to research new DRAM architectures and systems that... (more)

Quantifying Data Locality in Dynamic Parallelism in GPUs

GPUs are becoming prevalent in various domains of computing and are widely used for streaming (regular) applications. However, they are highly... (more)

Model Agnostic Time Series Analysis via Matrix Estimation

We propose an algorithm to impute and forecast a time series by transforming the observed time series into a matrix, utilizing matrix estimation to... (more)

Heavy-traffic Delay Optimality in Pull-based Load Balancing Systems: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

In this paper, we consider a load balancing system under a general pull-based policy. In particular, each arrival is randomly dispatched to one of the... (more)

Computing with Near Data

One cost that plays a significant role in shaping the overall performance of both single-threaded and multi-thread applications in modern computing systems is the cost of moving data between compute elements and storage elements. Traditional approaches to address this cost are code and data layout reorganizations and various hardware enhancements.... (more)

Two Extensions of Kingman's GI/G/1 Bound

A simple bound in GI/G/1 queues was obtained by Kingman using a discrete martingale transform. We extend this technique to 1) multiclass Σ\textrmGI/G/1 $ queues and 2) Markov Additive Processes (MAPs) whose background processes can be time-inhomogeneous or have an uncountable state-space. Both extensions are facilitated by a necessary and... (more)


About PACM

The Proceedings of the ACM on the Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS) publishes original research of the highest quality dealing with  performance  of computing systems, broadly construed. We recognize that critical insights into key design trade-offs in computer or network systems have historically be obtained using a broad set of tools: benchmarking and experimental evaluation, mathematical modeling, algorithmic analysis, which often need to be combined creatively. This publication hence broadly welcomes works that further the state-of-the-art in determining or predicting the performance of computing systems and their applications. This includes efforts that creatively apply previously developed methods in systems, measurement and theory, and especially those combining results from multiple technical areas.

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