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Network Resilience Assessment via QoS Degradation Metrics: An Algorithmic Approach

This paper focuses on network resilience to perturbation of edge weight. Other than connectivity, many network applications nowadays rely upon some... (more)

Proactive Caching for Low Access-Delay Services under Uncertain Predictions

Network traffic of delay-sensitive services has become a dominant part in the network. Proactive caching with the aid of predictive information has... (more)

Understanding the Networking Performance of Wear OS

Networking on wearable devices such as smartwatches is becoming increasingly important as fueled by new hardware, OS support, and applications. In... (more)

Hyper-Scalable JSQ with Sparse Feedback

Load balancing algorithms play a vital role in enhancing performance in data centers and cloud networks. Due to the massive size of these systems, scalability challenges, and especially the communication overhead associated with load balancing mechanisms, have emerged as major concerns. Motivated by these issues, we introduce and analyze a novel... (more)

Everything You Should Know About Intel SGX Performance on Virtualized Systems

Intel SGX has attracted much attention from academia and is already powering commercial applications. Cloud providers have also started implementing... (more)

Analyzing Location-Based Advertising for Vehicle Service Providers Using Effective Resistances

Vehicle service providers can display commercial ads in their vehicles based on passengers' origins... (more)

Computationally Efficient Estimation of the Spectral Gap of a Markov Chain

We consider the problem of estimating from sample paths the absolute spectral gap 1 - λ of a reversible, irreducible and aperiodic Markov chain... (more)

TeksDB: Weaving Data Structures for a High-Performance Key-Value Store

In this paper, we examine the design tradeoffs of existing in-memory data structures of a state-of-the-art key-value store. We observe that no data structures provide both fast point-accesses and consistent ranged- retrievals, and naive amalgamations of existing structures fail to get the best of both worlds. Furthermore, our experiments reveal a... (more)

Crystal Gazer: Profile-Driven Write-Rationing Garbage Collection for Hybrid Memories

Non-volatile memories (NVM) offer greater capacity than DRAM but suffer from high latency and low write endurance. Hybrid memories combine DRAM and NVM to form scalable memory systems with the promise of high capacity, low energy consumption, and high endurance. Automatically managing hybrid NVM-DRAM memories to achieve their promise without... (more)

Competitive Online Optimization under Inventory Constraints

This paper studies online optimization under inventory (budget) constraints. While online optimization is a well-studied topic, versions with... (more)

Collaboratively Learning the Best Option on Graphs, Using Bounded Local Memory

We consider multi-armed bandit problems in social groups wherein each individual has bounded memory and shares the common goal of learning the best... (more)

Securing Distributed Gradient Descent in High Dimensional Statistical Learning

We consider unreliable distributed learning systems wherein the training data is kept confidential by external workers, and the learner has to... (more)


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The Proceedings of the ACM on the Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS) publishes original research of the highest quality dealing with  performance  of computing systems, broadly construed. We recognize that critical insights into key design trade-offs in computer or network systems have historically be obtained using a broad set of tools: benchmarking and experimental evaluation, mathematical modeling, algorithmic analysis, which often need to be combined creatively. This publication hence broadly welcomes works that further the state-of-the-art in determining or predicting the performance of computing systems and their applications. This includes efforts that creatively apply previously developed methods in systems, measurement and theory, and especially those combining results from multiple technical areas.

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