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Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS)

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The Proceedings of the ACM series present the highest quality research conducted in diverse areas of computer science, as represented by the ACM Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The ACM Proceedings of the ACM on Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS) focuses on the measurement and performance evaluation of computer systems and... (more)

A Distributed Algorithm to Calculate Max-Min Fair Rates Without Per-Flow State

Most congestion control algorithms, like TCP, rely on a reactive control system that detects congestion, then marches carefully towards a desired... (more)

On the Value of Look-Ahead in Competitive Online Convex Optimization

Although using look-ahead information is known to improve the competitive ratios of online convex optimization (OCO) problems with switching costs,... (more)

Global Attraction of ODE-based Mean Field Models with Hyperexponential Job Sizes

Mean field modeling is a popular approach to assess the performance of large scale computer systems. The evolution of many mean field models is... (more)

HyperBench: A Benchmark Suite for Virtualization Capabilities

Virtualization is becoming increasingly common in data centers due to its various advantages. However, how to choose among different platforms, including both software and hardware, is a considerable challenge. In this context, evaluating the virtualization capabilities of different platforms is critically important. Regrettably, the existing... (more)

A Structural Result for Personalized PageRank and its Algorithmic Consequences

Many systems, such as the Internet, social networks, and the power grid, can be represented as graphs. When analyzing graphs, it is often useful to... (more)

What-If Analysis of Page Load Time in Web Browsers Using Causal Profiling

Web browsers have become one of the most commonly used applications for desktop and mobile users. Despite recent advances in network speeds and... (more)

Optimizing the Cost of Executing Mixed Interactive and Batch Workloads on Transient VMs

Container Orchestration Platforms (COPs), such as Kubernetes, are increasingly used to manage large-scale clusters by automating resource allocation... (more)

A TTL-based Approach for Data Aggregation in Geo-distributed Streaming Analytics

Streaming analytics require real-time aggregation and processing of geographically distributed data streams continuously over time. The typical... (more)

Inferring Catchment in Internet Routing

BGP is the de-facto Internet routing protocol for exchanging prefix reachability information between Autonomous Systems (AS). It is a dynamic, distributed, path-vector protocol that enables rich expressions of network policies (typically treated as secrets). In this regime, where complexity is interwoven with information hiding, answering questions... (more)

Queue and Loss Distributions in Finite-Buffer Queues

We derive simple bounds on the queue distribution in finite-buffer queues with Markovian arrivals. Our technique relies on a subtle equivalence... (more)

Axiomatizing Congestion Control

The overwhelmingly large design space of congestion control protocols, along with the increasingly diverse range of application environments, makes evaluating such protocols a daunting task. Simulation and experiments are very helpful in evaluating the performance of designs in specific contexts, but give limited insight into the more general... (more)


About PACM

The Proceedings of the ACM on the Measurement and Analysis of Computing Systems (POMACS) publishes original research of the highest quality dealing with  performance  of computing systems, broadly construed. We recognize that critical insights into key design trade-offs in computer or network systems have historically be obtained using a broad set of tools: benchmarking and experimental evaluation, mathematical modeling, algorithmic analysis, which often need to be combined creatively. This publication hence broadly welcomes works that further the state-of-the-art in determining or predicting the performance of computing systems and their applications. This includes efforts that creatively apply previously developed methods in systems, measurement and theory, and especially those combining results from multiple technical areas.

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